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The Ten Books of Josh: THE BOOK OF MATURITY

The Book of Maturity:


Maturity 1:1 In the induction into the class of maturity, thou shalt never snitch, sell out, gossip or spread a secret told you in confidence.

Maturity 1:2 Understanding when to keep mute and when to speak maketh thy wisdom full.

Maturity 1:3 Expecteth thou nothing from their neighbours so thou shan’t be disappointed.

Maturity 1:4 No one oweth thou anything, therefore thou shalt work hard for what thou wanteth in thy life.

Maturity 1:5 Thou shalt not put mouth for wetin no concern you, except it be-eth thy brother or sister. And before thou doeth so, ask questions so you don’t shalaye.

Maturity 1:6 Thou shalt learn to recognize thy fault and wrong doing, apologize and make things right. If thou doeth this, thou cementest their name in the books of maturity for eternity.

Maturity 1:7 Taking responsibility for thy actions maketh thee a reasonable, sensible and wise man.

Maturity 1:8 Learn to know your feelings, understand them, master them and control them. If thou alloweth thy emotions control thy sense of reasoning; thou be-eth a mumu.

Maturity 1:9 Thou must as a matter of urgency learn how to set healthy boundaries, don’t let thyself be caught in the middle, it is not sweet in the middle when it happens like this. Selah

Maturity 1:10 Ability to maintain composure and endure setbacks is sublime.

Maturity 1:11 Thy name shan’t and mustn’t be rubbed in the shenanigans of dimwittedness, hence thou shalt be honest and maintain good conduct and carry thyself with integrity always.

Maturity 1:12 The strength of a grown being is manifested in their capacity to control themselves. Thou shalt develope and manifest the highest degree of self control.

Maturity 1:13 Thou shalt learn to express gratitude at all times.

Maturity 1:14 Thou shalt know the difference between listening and hearing. The kids hear but the grown listen and only the mature listen to understand. Picketh thou where thou belongeth.

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