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The Ten Books of Josh: THE BOOK OF MATURITY

The Book of Maturity


Maturity 2:1 Having the ability to listen more and talk less. The capacity to understand that there’s more wisdom in listening.

Maturity 2:2 Not taking everything personal. Not everything is about you! Most times it’s your mind playing a fast one you, so let it go

Maturity 2:3 You don’t have to explain yourself to everyone because those who know you don’t need the explanation, they love you regardless. Those who don’t know you won’t believe the explanation so why bother?

Maturity 2:4 The ability to realise you don’t know so much and every opportunity comes with a lesson. Only the babes think they know it all, the grown understand that knowledge is a growth process that never ends and are always willing to learn.

Maturity 2:5 The point where you become more flexible and open as opposed to you being unreasonable and densely opinionated.

Maturity 2:6 You’re the architect of your happiness. Being happy is a choice, and only those who want to be happy are happy (challenges notwithstanding).

Maturity 2:7 Losing the entitlement mentality. No one owes you anything! Yes, if you get it appreciate it but it’s not your right, the only right you have is that which you labour for so never think someone owes what I’ve not worked for.

Maturity 2:8 Do good deeds even when there’s nothing for you. The ideology of doing good to get good back isn’t the wisest of thoughts.

Maturity 2:9 Respect other’s opinions, ideas, belief system and culture. Never feel the need to be violent or disrespect what you don’t know.

Maturity 2:10 Humility is a value that is quite rare and Expensive yet priceless. It separates you and gives you a certain level of class and finesse. Humility opens your mind’s eye and gives you better perspective on people and life itself.

Maturity 2:11 It’s that place where you are genuinely happy about the success of others. That point where you see someone achieve what you haven’t been able to and you’re happy for them because if you were the one you’d be happy for yourselves. It doesn’t cost you anything.

Maturity 2:12 The point where you’re encouraging and supporting others because you want to see them do well. You’re void of anger, hate, envy and jealousy. You just want them to succeed and be happy in life. This is one of the most difficult but attaining this is SUBLIME! Selah

Maturity 2:13 Helping yourself by making valuable decisions that affects my just now but much later. You are the architect of your life, we’re all just spectators, we play any role you assign us. So always put yourself in the picture and in perspective.

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