10 Signs you should not ignore in a relationship

Never take any of these signs for granted in a relationship… Run…

1: If someone wants to keep the relationship secret… run (there’s difference between private and secret)

2: If that someone doesnt speak good of you in your absence while in the company of others that matters…run

3: If that someone prefers spending on youu than investing in you… run (most ladies may not like this but think about it).

4: If the smooth running of that relationship is often in conflict with the smooth running of your normal life… run

5: If the relationship demands more than you can comfortably afford… run (guys read this twice)

6: If the other person lacks the selfless ability to make balanced decision between you two, often making decisions favourable to them alone always… run

7: If they always require extra push and pressure from you before they show interest in things affecting you… run

8: If the other person has no problems with your obvious negative behaviours… run

9: If they are always impatient or uncontrollably in a hurry for things they want from you… run

10: If they can’t hold on and wait for sex till when you are ready for it…. run.

If the right person to invest your emotions in hasnt come yet, please invest it in a hobby, till that right person comes, share it with your hobby. Nothing entraps and torments a lonely heart like the desperation to be with someone…

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