Like we all know, lion is the king of the jungle and as king of the jungle he is expected to be more braver than other animals in the jungle. So on a faithful day, the whole animals agreed to have a meeting where all the animals will gather including the king, (which is lion).

As the day drew nigh, other animals who were in the team of event planning were working tirelessly to make sure the event become a success.

On the day of the meeting, the lion was in his cave with other lions who came visiting from the neighboring village. Lion was so hungry, and so was his other friends and ofcourse you know lion feed on animals he kills with his own bare hands?

Well, the wise king thought within him self i will wait here till the time of the meeting. If they dont see me they will come looking for me and i will make them my meal for today.

Few minutes later goat was sent to go and call the lion; he went and did not return.
Sheep was also sent, she went and did not return. So antelope said, since goat and sheep are best of friends, they might be playing on the road together; Let me go and call them all.

He went and also did not return. So tortoise said, there must be something wrong. Tortoise went but on his way going he decided to study the legs of all the animals that went to visit the lion and discovered that they all went but no sign of coming back; so he used another road only to discover that the lion has eaten the rest of the animals, So he went back and reported to the other animals.

Did you enjoy the story?


The reason why most businesses fail is due to improper study of their competitive analysis. If you study other people who are in the business before you, it will give you a great edge in the business.

1) These people, what are their business goals?

2) What is their brand strategy?

3) Who are their audience?

4) What is their advertising strategy?

5) What are their problems.?

If the antelope knew the reason why the sheep did not return, he wouldn’t have used that same route.

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