As for many of us that have watched this BBC UK MOVIE called MERLIN, I’ll like to call your attention to one episode of this movie. In this episode, the Knights of CAMELOT were on their way for a mission then, some aggrieved tribe were pursuing them to kill in order to take revenge of what their former King UTHER did by killing one of their member in almost four decades ago, and both parties soldiers has scattered all over the forest and wen this aggrieved people’s leader and ARTHUR who was then KING and the leader of CAMELOT KNIGHTS finally came in contact and started fighting.

The fight was so fairy that this soldier sword fell on ground and ARTHUR then put his sword on the man’s neck to kill him. Fortunately for both of them, by this time MERLIN has been looking for his Master ARTHUR as he always wanted to be with him in order keep him save always “though ARTHUR was ignorant of MERLIN’S gifted power anyway”.

MERLIN said. and I quote:

“ARTHUR!!! please spare this man’s life and let him go unharmed, because if you kill him here, sooner or later, his people will definitely rise again to take revenge of this event and this enemity will continue from generation to generation. but if u can make peace here today, their people will know dat U’re not like ur father (UTHER the architect of this hatred). And. there will be Love, peace, unity, joy and apines btw ur land and theirs forever, then people will be praising u for ur wisdom shown here today for ever”.

I think i don’t need to preach any message on this again as that words from MERLIN has said it all.
Enough is for the wise., ur apines is in ur hands and the best way to sweet happiness is when u’re the reason that make someone’s happy..

Have a nice day.

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