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Different Approach to Humanity

A young man saw his primary school teacher at a wedding ceremony.He went to greet him with all respect and admiration!!He said to him:"Can you still recognize me Sir?''I don't think so!!', said the Teacher, 'could you please remind me how we met?'The student recounted:"I was your Student in the 3rd Grade, I stole a… Continue reading Different Approach to Humanity


Appeal to Our Humanity p2

On the matter of Truth... I remember those good old fashion days where the essence of one's personality is a product of the amount of sincerity that precedes him him. Then was the time when the yes of men stood as yes. These were the times where fathers would entrust their toddlers with great stuffs;… Continue reading Appeal to Our Humanity p2


Politics of the Billboard Model

Here's a piece from 5 years ago... Have you taken out time once to study the lives of "models" ? Well I tried to and it was an interesting adventure because of my findings. Their lives are generally flamboyant in that they keep the mindset that they are representing something, hence they must at all… Continue reading Politics of the Billboard Model


Here for the good life, not the long life

With the hustle and bustle of living cum existing, sometimes I ask myself why are we really here, how did we come here and where are we going to at the end of the day. There’s so much to keep one busy in a day that we hear people crying for extra hours added to… Continue reading Here for the good life, not the long life