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Learn to See the Good in others

Itt is unfortunate that many people today cannot realise the need around them. They cannot sense the worth in people. They cannot listen and hear the cry and groans of people around them. They cannot help others realise their self-worth. They do not appreciate the value that every man possesses.

Let me emphasise to you that every man that you see upon the earth has some value within him already. Hence you should treat every man you come across on the earth with that worth and appreciation.

Yes, it does not matter who they are. It does not matter what title or titles go before their first name. It does not matter what schools they have been to, how many degrees they have or whether they have no degree at all.

What is most important is that they are human beings and they already have a great measure of worth.

That is what I see happening all over the world today. People will only commend and give words of affirmation to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) who gets affirmation from a lot of people already rather than the gateman whose every essence is crying out for it.

People will rather appreciate a man who wears one suit out of the several he has got and refuse to validate the man who has put the only suit he has into shape and has worn it on his back.

People will rather pass by the weak, the lame, the beggars, the orphans, the tormented, the widows and take their large offerings to church, to the man of God who already has mansions and jets.

The point I am trying to establish and to help you see is that every man has a worth.

Every man is worthy. Every man wants commendation, so do not just commend your boss, commend those who are under you.

Every man wants to be appreciated, so do not just commend your secretary, commend your wife at home too.

Every man wants love, love all men.

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